Tuesday, December 2, 2014 Autopilot method (martingale) with javascript-Make BTC by Satoshi Auto bet bot Autopilot method - martingale system by using JavaScript to make BTC by Autopilot using Satoshi AutoBet bot. This is an addition to the autopilot methods of BTC found in Bestinallstuff,
A very easy method to make BTC online is trying the gambling sites and one must have a knowledge about martingale system ( kinda probability stuff)
In our very old post regarding and we have given some scripts which uses the same martingale system. It's all about winning against the odds, most of them are based on dice problems in probability
Coming to this post, I have added the YouTube video explaining all the things to do using the script
you can find everything in the video

Tutorial: Autopilot method (martingale) with javascript-Make BTC by Satoshi Auto bet bot 


1. Register for an account here

2.Watch the Video tutorial explaining how to use the Satoshi Autobet Bot and here you go

Download the SatoshiAutoBetbot by bestinallstuff

3.Add the new userscript and refresh Firefox. 
make btc by autobet using satoshibetbot

Then click the sound icon to start the script

Note:For chrome users, open the site, press CTRL+SHIFT+J and add the script , press Enter you can find the tutorials regarding how to use script in chrome from our old posts

4. Enter in a risk level of 0.001 -  0.01 and Nothing else!


Press Spin and Enjoy 

Please note this script doesn't work with play money but does work with BTC, so make sure you have some BTC in your blockchain account, if not headover to our autopilot method to make some BTC for free

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A note to readers of bestinallstuff blog

Hi readers of bestinallstuff, I have stopped posting the stuff for many reasons
people are copying my content, and was not giving proper credits, actually they copied every post of mine, including with screenshots, and tried to crush my blog, I used to get lot of traffic and comments from users to post new things, i started to upload the files with out surveys, this made the filthy idiotic bloggers to cash it out, they just copied my hard work, I wrote the strategies my self, and you all readers know this, if you read it, but my hard work went off,
So, i stopped for a while, to take care of things, I changed the layout, I am doing some editing to the previous posts, and designing a new layout, and everything will be new from now on,
I am planning to buy a new domain, and will add DMCA thing soon,
I have lot of methods in making btc, making money etc, and i will be soon come with a surprise, and thanks for the readers who still visits my blog, they are the reason for this note, I hope you guys understand!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Make Btc on autopilot from easily

Make Btc on autopilot from easily! making btc with a-ads is pretty easy as are
anonymous ads and can accept any kind of blog, and they are like ppv sites, that is it counts every unique visit/traffic for your blog,  let's just go through indepth about so you can get pretty basic idea what i need to present? autopilot method to earn BTC: is basically an anonymous ads site which display their ads in our blog/site, basically i prefer a blog, for example take my blog! let's start the procedure and i prefer to post my every tutorial in step wise, so you can clearly understand my strategy!

step 1: Register an account in remember that it doesnot store any personal information about you or even ask a username nor password, you need to create an ad unit! just check out the screenshot, and register by selecting appropriate category of your blog/ You can just go anonymously too, but select anonymous in first option rather than site option, in my case, it's site!

step 2: Select appropriate ad size type, ur btc address and withdrawal threshold, basically it pays when you reach 0.001BTC, but the threshold is 0.0001BTC, after that it will take you to a campaign, where you can see many tabs, info, stats, earnings, rewards, campaigns, etc!

step 3: copy the ad-code and paste it in your site, at a good location where your visitors can see it, just after pasting the code, it displays the general ad about it's site! don't worry whatever the ad it shows, it will get counted, just go to step 4 and 5, you will get info regarding the strategy!

For bloggers like me:

step 4: so now you got the ad code placed in your blog, i suppose you write some articles in your blog,( if you are/were a blogger) just write up some interesting stuff, and you will get good traffic, for example, check out my stats, just wrote some interesting stuff regarding making money/btc on autopilot and the result i get good traffic, but i posted the best method and i didn't faked anything, that matters and i am still getting good visits to that article, with good referral rate!

so please post interesting stuff, and increase your traffic! (if you are a blogger then you definitely know how to get good traffic)

For non-bloggers:

step 5: so guys, the above one is pretty hard work, but you will definitely get success and it's a genuine method, and it definitely works (as of my guarantee, i even attached my proofs)

I suppose you are a non-blogger and looking to make it autopilot,
I presume you don't know blogging, writing an article, targeting people for traffic and that kinda stuff! but still you can use the black hat tricks to get traffic, so you can earn btc
In simple, we will use some bots/sites to get fake/anonymous traffic and target our blog, so we will get good pageviews, and yes every page view with different ip's counts!

in the meanwhile, here is my payment proof:

Fake/anonymous traffic generating bots:

  • Jingling Bot

 Jingling bot, the best bot for fake traffic, that is present now!, so download this chinese fake traffic Jingling bot and follow our tutorial given in the pdf! as it is a chinese bot, so you need to follow the screenshots given in tutorial in order to get maximum traffic( including USA, UK traffic i,e, western)

  • Swift Viewer 2

Swift Viewer 2, Jingling bot alternative, swift viewer is English version fake traffic generator similar to Jingling bot, but in English, so no need to give more introduction/data regarding about this bot! so go ahead and download it, and just paste the link which page you need to bring traffic.

  • Hitleap Traffic Exchanger

Top Traffic Exchange
Hitleap Traffic Exchanger, you already heard about Hitleap in my previous post regarding make money on autopilot with  blackptp , there I gave introduction regarding this traffic exchange site, it do have a bot, which is similar to above bots, but one small difference, you need to paste the site link it and in order to get hits to your link, you just need to run the Hitleap traffic exchange bot! that's it!

Note:i suppose these 3 ways will give a basic traffic strength, and make sure, you don't over do it to make ur account to be banned and we are not responsible in any way!
Just use it carefully! as it is of free way to get btc!
update it soon, when i get new methods for fake traffic
I sincerely suggest to try Method1

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Thursday, February 20, 2014 autopilot method with javascript-bonus strategy-make btc by autobet autopliot method here, use this javascript to autobet and multiply your btc in seconds the clear martingale strategy for primedice,com is given ,before that please read  my previous post autopilot method with javascript-multiply your btc now (updated-jan-25th) incase if you want to earn btc on autopilot with javascript, here in this post i will give more than 1 strategy to earn free btc from
click on the image to grow bigger credits:
Before going to any strategy simply register on the site and simply click on free btc button, follow the adjacent image, and fill the captcha and you will get around 100 satoshis earlier we used to 1000 satoshis, but still you can give a start with these free btc
( Remember in order to avoid any loss i always try the free btc and always try all the methods in blog without investing, once i get profits, i re-invest the same and multiply the same!)
 Once you get the btc you can follow the given strategies! make sure you copy the user id and password as they are hard to remember, use the first button from the adjacent image
so let's begin the strategies, and yes there is a bot to automate the whole process and this bot is not like the bot where the bot is nothing but just filling the captcha but not running the script, but this bot is more than that! it has inbuilt martingale system which auto adjusts the profit, betting and loss! but this will be shared in my next post! let's continue the strategies!

Strategy 1:

straightly go and use this javascript and quadruple your btc
download the prime-dice-script-updated.txt first! 
  • After that copy the whole script and click ctrl+shift+J and open console in your chrome browser!
  • paste the total script and click Enter
  • Make sure you stop the script if you get profit and if you get decrease in btc for 3 times stop the script by pressing F5 or reload your browser!
  • For testing purpose, use the script once, you can see rise in Btc and after some consecutive bets your btc will become 0, for this you need to clearly adjust the bet value, check the image1(top image) and this for only advance users!
  • For beginners just make sure, to keep a finger on F5 and press whenever you get Profit for once, because the profit is always accompanied with loss by this script, so make sure when you get profit click on F5 or reload
  • If you don't get profit at the starting of script wait upto 3 losses then reload the browser again! you can see the increase of btc, i tried with 100, and if you see the image it's 382 with just 4 reloads in 1 minute! so Make the script a good use!
Strategy 2:
Make sure you follow the video carefully!
Strategy 3:
If you see the above video what matters is betting value, so use different combinations of betting values and what to do if it's a loss and what to do if it's a profit, so use some basic probability techniques and try it!
Note: you can try this strategies by making different accounts, make sure you keep one permanently for the strategy1
another combo of auto bet video, watch it!
My upcoming posts:
1. autobet martingale bot
2. Satoshi dice gambling script to make btc
3. Some good free btc faucets ( good list of more than 10+)
4. Virtapay $ to BTC and so on! 
so stay tuned, and if you have any doubt kindly comment here or contact us!

A small image for coming attractions:

wait for it!

Note: Try these strategies at your own risk and we are not responsible for the loss of your btc!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Make Money On autopilot just by running softwares/bots/apps/The top 4 bots

The Top 4 bots/softwares/apps to make money on autopilot just by running these softwares, earlier i discussed a detailed info regarding Two top bots/softwares/apps for making money online here is the post link if you missed it!
In a glimpse, here are the Top 4 bots/softwares/apps to make money on autopilot for pc:

1. Digital Generation aka Coin Generation
2.Idle Processor Utilization Services and Coin Beez
3.Slicify * (beta)
4. Eobot

I suppose there are lot more bots/apps that might generate btc/$ when you run them in your pc, but these are the basic top 4 softwares/bots that you can give a try for testing! Next go for a big strategy and make some decent income

A detailed info on all the top 4 bots for making money on autopilot: 

1. Digital Generation:

  • Just register on Digital generation, here you go signup now, and you need to verify your account! 
  • so you need a phone number that will suit to your locality/country! 
  • Earlier it used to send sms code where you need to forward to a number, but it changed it's security due to reduce fake/multiple users
  • so now you need to call the respective number shown in your account profile! 
  • Next it will show your account is verified! voila, next download the thread manager, here you go:
After downloading the thread manager, install it, and run it, the software might look like this:

This is how the software looks like, make sure to check each and every tab to get info regarding it!
this site is paying since 2012, so it is still paying to some one! you can check the latest proofs here
so why late: join now

2.Idle Processor Utilization Services and Coin Beez :

Idle processor utilization, the name itself indicates as it utilises the power when your pc is in idle state!

Just go to signup form and fill the details to register, after verifying your account/activating your account, log in to your account, and check all the details then download the bot/software, even for downloading it asks for login again, so better login again when it asks!
coin beez is also similar service like IPU services, you can try them too, but IPU services is far better than coin beez as it is the first to start service like this than coin beez! so go for IPU services!

Now only windows app and android app are available, so make sure to use the same login for all the devices,

Next step here is the image showing the working of Idle processor utilization services bot!

I gave details and all the information regarding IPU services in my earlier post, and I explained what's the major difference between coin generation aka digital generation and IPU services, you can get the full details here: 

3.Slicify- crowd sourced compute:

Slicify a cloud computing site, where we can rent/sell our cpu power, not the idle power like IPU services, real time CPU processing Power! there is no need to introduce like these services, because these are well known to people who run btc bots! so better have a quick review on btc by following this post!
  • Now just go to signup and register a new account!
  • Activate the account/ validate your account, check the spam too!
  • Download the windows based software, it runs on windows using Oracle virtual box! size is some what bulky more than 150MB, so make sure you have good downloading speed
Here is the install instructions, take a look at this post, and make sure you read and understand all, and here is the image what silicify actually looks like:
Note: Installing Oracle virtual machine box is must, it installs several adapters, and all must be enabled, with out this, silicify bot will never open nor work

4. Eobot

Eobot is another site which mines btc/ltc and exchange of coins are possible! even cloud mining is also possible! The all round site for all mining! will give in depth analysis of eobot in my next post! first let's get singup!
click on register and signup with your email id!
go to mail and you can see download link or try this!
Next try to extract it to a known location, for me it's make money now folder! go to that folder and run the bot, some antivirus shows it's a virus, but it's not, as it is a btc miner, antivirus shows like this! you can neglect and proceed to run the bot!
It will look like this!
Make sure to check each and every tab in your Eobot's account to get more information:
In my coming posts, I will give you some more interesting bots, apps and softwares! so stay tuned and follow my blog and subscribe to get daily updates!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Make money on autopilot with your Android/Ios/windows-pc-all about IPUS

Make money on autopilot with your Android/Ios/windows/linux/Mac just by installing and running the software on background, yes it's as easy, no need to work on this! it is just like coin generation which was paying earlier now down!
I think you know the service which i was talking about! it's IPUS-idle processor utilization service
Basically it makes use of your processor power when your computer is in idle condition, the whole scheme is simple, just register on the site, download the application, install it, log in and then leave it to run on background, that's it ,

click here to signup

 but we should see the main difference between Coin generation and IPUS, coin generation pays every 2 seconds as it utilizes your cpu power whether you are using or in idle condition, but IPUS pays only when your system is in idle condition, so you should need a strategy to work on it!
Just a recap about the people who earned maximum amount with coingeneration:
In the mean while i updated my new post with full data regarding top 4 bots to run in pc to make money!

Make Money On autopilot just by running softwares/bots/apps/The top 4 bots

Coin generation strategy:

1.just use a fake email id and fake phone number and make as many accounts as possible using 1 referral link as you can get maximum earnings! how to run all, just buy a azure vps and make as many vps as possible with single account, install it' and add your details!
3. you can also do the same in single pc with sandbox, just run the software and change the hash token!
like that many more strategies are there which people used and got maximum earnings from coin generation
But Now coingeneration aka digital generation is not paying (paying to only a few) but leave it! it's of no use and many one claims that it loads keyloggers to pc's etc!

Difference of Coingeneration with IPUS:

1.Ipus doesn't pay you every second like the CG pays as IPUS doesn't use your cpu power, but uses it only when you let the pc in idle condition
2. It's far better than coin generation as you don't need to verify your mobile number!
some common things in both coin generation and IPUS are you need to use a single ip!
Now i am going to give my complete review on IPUS and my ways how to get maximum earnings from IPUS as i have been writing this for more than 2 days now, (busy with exams)
what ever! here you go in short!

IPUS strategy:

Basically idea is simple, get as many referrals as you can to get maximum earnings! if you got some money just buy a regional account(worth 75$) or buy a divisional account (worth 150$) and add up some money and buy some referrals (worth 50$) , if you got no money then no problem you can try that free standard account! what differs is that % you get from your referrals! for more info on % from your referrals and info regarding accounts read here!
Thinking how to get atleast some money $ to quick start this to buy referrals, then you should check my posts on pollbuzzer and on probux
so our main part is how to get referrals? as IPUS has been posted on all major forums so you can't try that method, but still you can always try some common methods:
1. If you are from some foreign countries like America, UK etc, you have lot of advantages as every one around your street uses static ip's for LAN, and it is not possible that every one knows about this service! so just make some friends around and make them get signup under you (well this is not a hard method and i guess you know this already)
2. Major internet centres: mainly you can fully concentrate on this where systems run on some 15-19 hours daily and you can get some maximum of idle time! so if you have some touch with Internet centers and cyber cafes, just make it install in main system, (note: make sure they allow you to install , because now many of internet centres uses deep freeze software)
3. schools and college libraries: well you know what i am talking about! just get a talk with the librarian and do the same procedure like the step 2
4. finally investment method like i discussed in coin generation, just buy a azure vps account from any under ground forum or from some rdp stores ( you can get vps/rdp's for 3-5$ for a month), install the same in your vps and run the software! as vps runs for 24 hours and mostly idle, so you will earn maximum!

I think you got some idea what i am talking about? so why i am very much interested in this IPUS is, it released it's software for android too!
actually this is the best way to earn money, because mostly our phones will be in idle, as we are getting busy these days in work and mostly many of us just use our phones for calls and texts, so this software will give you a better option to get maximum earnings with android!
just download the software for your android and install it and log in with your account(note you can use same pc's account for your android phone),
you can use my above IPUS strategy to get maximum referrals even from android users too!
for linux/Mac softwares will be released soon!
In my upcoming posts i will give full details on

  • how to get maximum earnings from vps 
  •  how to get a free vps
  • how to run mining software/bots on vps
exams time! so little busy! will give you lot of updates soon!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Pollbuzzer-earn 1$ per poll-just like yes or no questions(proof-updated)

Pollbuzzer is a survey based poll site, which pays 1$ just for choosing right option for the question, just like daily polls, not a big surveys like fileice surveys, Just one simple poll with some options, select the appropriate and 1$ will be added straight to your paypal!

click here to join now

New payment proof *DEC-12th.2013

you still don't believe me right! here is my payment proof:

Now you believe me right! you can see my name there' actually the questions asked are so simple, just like the common questions, like 
  • do u shave regularly? 
  • how often you visit drug store? etc'

Here is an example of question that i got yesterday:

See the question asked is so simple, you just need to select the option 1 or 2 or something!
But you should finish answering the poll with in the given limit, so you need to check the mail frequently, if you got a smartphone, then it's easy for you because you will get notifications when you get mails, and the best part is you can finish the polls from your smartphones too'

Today i got like 5 questions just like the above questions:

I completed all with in the given limit of time and here is my pollbuzzer dashboard screenshot

Once the questions get expires 1$ will be added to your account, you can check your dashboard, and pollbuzzer pays every monday, so you will get them straight to your paypal with out any fee' yes with out any fee (proof here)
So why late, join now and grab 1$ per poll from pollbuzzer, join now!

Just wait: 

can we ask questions or ask some poll questions? yes you can also ask poll questions and get your answers exactly based on global survey basis! 

Click here to ask poll question:

Note: On filling the application for pollbuzzer, please fill your original details, as the questions or based on your application, you need to be patience as pollbuzzer sends to questions to the qualified ones based on their application, so make sure you selected right options while filling up application! 

got any doubts? kindly mail me :

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